Through my portraits, whether they be studio photographs, snapshots, or paintings, I aim to capture the sitter in the way one may see them behind closed doors, as they are with close family and friends. I like having the ability to see a person for who they truly are, rather than a rehearsed smile, and with an expression easily recognizable as their own.

Over time I realized the act of photographing people and the conversations we had became more important to me than the final print. Those intimate moments we shared became fantastic memories that connected me to the sitter in a way the photos alone could not. I wanted everyone who saw the photos to know the story behind each portrait, and I began sharing stories with others instead of photos.

My current body of work explores the experience behind each portrait, and the memories we share in addition to a physical object. 


Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Stephanie Lifshutz received her MFA in 4D/time-based art at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2016. Growing up in a Modern-Orthodox Jewish household gave Lifshutz the desire to become involved in the Jewish Artist Lab in Madison, WI and serve as its artist-in-residence.  Lifshutz pursues her art with an interdisciplinary approach, and incorporates that theme into her photography, printmaking, and sculpture.  She has shown work nationally and has been awarded a Nissley Grant.